Starting in About Passwords

Starting in About Passwords

I will be taking a bit of time to hopefully help many of you start taking control of your passwords.
We all travel this world wide web with a whole lot of naivete. There are a bunch of internet dangers that we take for granted on a day by day basis. One of these dangers is passwords. My problem use to be how I was going to remember the myriad of sites that need a password and what that password was going to be. Ah Ha! I would use one great awesome powerful password for everything. Nobody could break it so I should be safe everywhere I go. Perfect. Well not so much ... If you google the topic you find that there are companies getting hacked a lot these days. Comcast, Target, Kickstarter, even Pintrest. I mean who hacks Pintrest? It turns out they're not interested in your favorite dessert you pinned last night but (surprise) your account information.

Your information is valuable. We all know that. But if a hacker can see what email address you use at Pintrest and see your password or obtain your password and that password is used on every other site you go to then they have the key to every account you use online. Let the "Havoc" commence. Even if you use a slightly different password for different sites, once someone has a way of gaining access to something like your email address they can start a campaign of "I forgot my password" around the net.

So it is an important to start with a great password! OK how do you make an awesome password that would take a year to crack but not an hour to remember?

Check in tomorrow and we will have some great tips on how to create great passwords and how they can be different for every site you go to.

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