Keep your Word styles from messing with your page content

Pasting Directly From Microsoft Word

Word pastes in a lot of background code and styles. Learn how to fix problems before they start.

Pasting from a Word document into the WYSIWYG editor can sometimes be a headache. Especially if you have a lot of styling going on in Word. Those styles don't always translate when they are pasted into the editor. Whats worse is that the invisible code that pasted into the editor will sometimes creep out onto your content when you look at the page on the website. This is because of the code still interacting with the browser as it puts the page together. 

We can easily strip away the background styles (special fonts, colors, sizes, page formatting) and just deal with the text and major styles (bold, indents, bullets, etc)

The first step is to copy the text in your word document that you wish to past. 

Then instead of just pasting the text into the editor use the "Paste from Word" button.

The resulting dialog box will allow you to paste in the text and will strip away all background code that may interfere with how the text will appear on your page.

Please Note:

This is not 100% effective in all cases. If you are still seeing things incorrectly and believe it may be from Word then you can try using the "Paste as Plain Text" button located right next to the "Paste From Word" button. This will strip all styling and leave you with just text that you can then style inside of the editor. 

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